From green to pink hydrogen, we reveal the rainbow of hydrogen colours and the different types of technology used to produce each.

But isn’t hydrogen a colourless gas?

Yes, hydrogen is an invisible gas. So, somewhat confusingly and despite their colourful descriptions, there is no visible difference between the different types of hydrogen.

Why is a colourless gas given so many colourful terms?

Green hydrogen, blue hydrogen, brown hydrogen and even yellow hydrogen, turquoise hydrogen and pink hydrogen. They’re essentially colour codes, or nicknames, used within the energy industry to differentiate between the types of hydrogen.

Depending on the type of production used, different colours are assigned to the hydrogen. But there is no universal naming convention and these colour definitions may change over time, and even between countries.

We’re currently used to a blue flame from gas, so what colour will a hydrogen flame be?

The industry has not yet reached a consensus on this, but it will be the most obvious difference for people who’ve been used to seeing a blue gas flame inside their boilers or when igniting their hobs. The flame colour for hydrogen would be specifically added. Are you ready for a green flame?

Here’s our guide to unlocking the current hydrogen colour code.

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