Versatile leader offering 30-years of experience in focused strategic analysis and alignment, vectored tactical improvement and methodical progression driven to increase internal operation correlation, seamless regulatory compliance and self-perpetuating reproducible processes. University educated in human resource/asset protection, collateral loss prevention, complexed real-property development and maintenance, organizational and operational efficiency and technology leveraging. Federally trained and certified for 21-years in effective corporate leadership, transparent operations and functions engagement-based assessments, data/database development and analysis/reporting to create innovative solutions aligned with regulatory requirements and pre-determined strategic goals. Honed approach and skilled in facilitating collaborative teams with positivity-based self-analysis tools empowering internal-stakeholders to craft congruent processes and procedures to achieve desirable progressive outcomes. Industry experienced in private/commercial construction, comprehensive collateral loss prevention/protection and intervention, broad-spectrum emergency management, cradle to grave training programs and stakeholder engagement in private, corporate, community and state-sponsored operations. Committed to fully transparent collaborative partnering and motivated to help organizations create strong operations and discover reproducible success in business/stakeholder compliance and profitability.